Our Story

D.B.Gardens was founded by the principles and philosophy of two grandsons love for their grandmother's and uncle's gardens. They both spent many hours in their gardens, took extreme pride in their work and would educate anyone who would take the most slightest interest. Our grandmother had a major influence in our upbringing and would spend countless hours with us in her garden. She taught us just how delicate and how much a garden strongly relies on its keeper to keep it flourishing. 

To us as grandchildren looking up to such an amazing woman, we knew she was an artist, her flowers were her paints and the ground was her canvas. Our grandmother had many talents and another was how she used her garden as an instrument to tune into our thoughts and for us to open up, speak about our personal circumstances and our emotions. We would maintain her garden with her whilst talking through our troubles or concerns. As grandmothers do, she would advise us with how to deal with such emotions. She would always say "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow", A quote she got from Audrey Hepburn.

 Our grandmother is sadly no longer with us, we then saw a once proud garden full of sweet smells, bright colours, different textures and many years of hard work and memories disappear within months, this broke our hearts. Our uncle was another amazing man who had a major part of our upbringing who loved he's family and garden dearly. He was well known for having such a rich coloured beautiful garden and was extremely talented in what he done. Our uncle loved gardening so much he pursued this as a career bringing my grandmother's and many of he's clients gardens a great sense of character along with vibrant flourishing colours for many many years. You would always see him out and about working hard to help other peoples gardens. 

Now our uncle has sadly passed away and we refused to let his garden as well as all his years of hard work in his clients gardens go down the same fate as our grandmothers. The initials D.B are the beginning letters of both of their names and this will forever be our reminder that your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds, You either grow them seeds nourish them and help them grow into beautiful flowers or you can chose to walk away and just grow weeds. 

 Gardens bring you more than just colour 

Our Vision

To Design, create, cultivate and preserve your garden or grounds to level which suits your bespoke requirements. As well as encourage you to utilise your garden space the best way possible for yourself and for your family. We encourage you to be in your garden, get to know your garden and its plants. To create memories.

To be affordable, attentive, knowledgeable, approachable and to be the first reliable point of contact for advice and support on any garden or grounds. To be a garden Landscape company that cares for our clients as well as their gardens.  To serve our community and to build positive long lasting relationship with others through gardening.